One Piggy Or Two?

Guinea pigs are very social animals and do seem much happier in pairs or small groups. Usually choosing one piggy is a decision which may be best for you, two piggies is a decision which is best for the guinea pig. A non-breeding pair of guinea pigs does not cost much more, in time or money, than one single guinea pig and to remove the ability for a social animal to interact with another can impact the health and overall wellbeing of the pet. We must consider also, how much you would miss out on all kinds of fun and interesting behaviour if you only have one guinea pig.

Young guinea pigs learn from others, they compete for food, they help each other keep their diet balanced and healthy. They play together, chase each other, snuggle together, keep each other healthy and happy. Isn't it nice to have someone to share your life with? That is what being a social animal is all about.