Children and Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are a wonderful pet for children, being friendly, easier to handle than a hamster or mouse and much more responsive to interaction. However, please remember that no matter how responsible a child is, ultimately the care and well being of your guinea pigs is down to you, the adult. Children should always be supervised when handling guinea pigs and of course the cleaning of your pets home will more often than not be left to you!



Guinea Pigs As Teachers

Although the care will be overseen by you, guinea pigs can still teach children a lot about our world. Nutrition, life cycles, trust, caring for another being, work habits, seeing the world from another point of view and health care are all issues your child can learn from their pet.



Please note, Milhaven Rescue will only rehome guinea pigs to new owners over 16 years of age. If you would like to adopt a piggie for your child please remember that you, the adult, are responsible for your new pet.